Emirates Airlines announces a very special offer for its customers in Dubai and Sharjah

Urgent.. Dubai Municipality warns citizens and residents of 11 violations that may be committed by members of society and announces financial fines for perpetrators

The "mask" is mandatory in closed places... and the fine for the violation is 3000 dirhams in this case

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Urgent.. an exceptional media briefing on the latest developments in Corona and a significant increase in infection rates

Urgent from the President of the State, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, and his deputy, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, regarding the State of the Philippines

Fujairah Police General Command: Setting new speeds to set radar on internal and external roads

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A statement from (the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) for residents of the country regarding the renewal of identity

Important for residents of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as of June 1, 2022

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An important warning to all citizens and residents of the country