A child calls the Dubai Police for a strange reason

Dubai Police received a funny phone call from a child because his mother was late to return home and was unable to communicate with her.

Sergeant Ismail Al-Saadi, one of the recipients of communications in the Dubai Police, said that a child called the operating room stating that he was alone at home and expressing concern because of his mother’s delay in returning to him, and that he did not have enough credit to phone her, and asked the help of Dubai Police to contact his mother and check on her, and immediately the call was made His mother, who in turn called her son to check on him, thanked the Dubai Police for the attention and kind gesture.

Colonel Turki bin Faris, Director of the Command and Control Center Department in the General Department of Operations, stressed the importance of the vital role played by the recipients of communications, who represent a link between the public and the entities that provide them with services.