A foreign expatriate charms his sponsor and robs him of his wealth

A strange case in which an Indian driver managed to control his sponsor, a businessman, and seize his money, after he brought the biggest charlatan in his homeland to Kuwait and lived in a luxury apartment at the expense of his sponsor to subjugate and control him.

Al-Qabas newspaper quoted a security source as saying that Kuwaiti criminal investigation officers received a special complaint from two citizens, during which they reported that their brother, a businessman called (S.A.M.), had changed his behavior recently, and that he had some strange behaviors and obeyed the orders of their called Indian driver ( Raju). The source added that the complaint also included that the driver was exploiting and robbing their brother’s money, and although the driver’s salary was 150 dinars per month, he seemed to be extremely rich and his material and living standard changed, and he had one of the most expensive hours and left for his country on vacation for a week in the first class in one of the Major airlines.

The newspaper added that the complaint also included that the level of clothes and shoes worn by the driver had become at the highest level, and that he had seized a lot of their helpless brother's money without being able to refuse his requests. The source explained that based on the complaint and the information, the detectives began monitoring the driver, and after monitoring it, it was confirmed that all his conditions had changed on the material and living level to a level that a driver could not reach, and it was found that he is actually exploiting his sponsor in a suspicious manner and by something and that his sponsor is a businessman subject to him in a way arouse suspicion.

The source indicated that after being able to know all the movements of the driver and his dealers, the closest person to him, an Indian, was seized, and it turned out that he was a great charlatan in his homeland, and the driver brought him on the sponsorship of the helpless businessman and put him in a luxury apartment. Investigations revealed that the great charlatan used his talismans to gain more control over the businessman and seize his money. In front of the sponsor's house.

Confronting the accused driver, he admitted that he had seized his sponsor's money some time ago and that he is the one who decides at home for everything or a decision to be taken. The source said: The businessman collapsed in front of the detectives, saying (this is my driver for years, the same as my children, and I do not want anything from him), indicating that he is still affected by witchcraft and sorcery, and the accused are being referred to the investigation authorities.