A statement from (the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) for residents of the country regarding the renewal of identity

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security confirmed that to renew the identity card for residents, the ID card holder must be present in the country, as the renewal request is not accepted if he is outside the country.

Inquiries were received to "Emirates Al-Youm" newspaper from readers about the possibility of applying for renewal of identity and residence through smart identity systems, the website and the smart application from outside the country. The authority stated, within the ID card renewal service card information, that it is required for the resident category to have a valid residence associated with the ID card renewal application, as customers must complete the requirements for obtaining the card renewal service, such as fingerprint and photo, within the specified period in order to avoid canceling the activation of the application.

She emphasized that obtaining an Emirates ID card is mandatory for all residents of the United Arab Emirates, including Emirati citizens, citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, expatriates and residents in the country, as any person included in the scope of one of these categories is required to apply for a card from the Federal Identity Authority Nationality, customs and port security. The authority stated that it had recently suspended the issuance of the residence voucher for foreigners residing in the country and replaced the Emirates ID card issued to the resident foreigner as an alternative to prove his residence.

She pointed out that the steps associated with the process of issuing and renewing the residence permit have been reduced to accompany the identity card in a new unified model that includes the services of issuing and renewing the residence and the identity card in one application instead of the previous individual applications, based on the improvement and development processes related to the customers' journey. And she cautioned that a fine of 20 dirhams for each day of delay is imposed on resident customers when they delay submitting an application for obtaining an identity card for more than 30 days from the date of issuance of the residence permit, with a maximum of 1,000 dirhams, and customers who meet the terms and conditions of the service can exempt from fees Administrative delay to apply for exemption service.

She stressed the importance of adhering to the criteria that must be met by the photograph in the submitted applications, which is that it be of high quality and modern color, not exceeding five months, and in size (35-40 mm), on a white background, and that features and facial expressions are neutral (natural and not exaggerated), The head should be straight, not tilted, and parallel to the photographic lens, the eyes should be open towards the camera, without the use of colored lenses, and the glasses should be acceptable, do not obscure the eyes, do not represent light reflection, and the head covering is allowed according to the national dress or religious belief, and accuracy ( pixels) at least 600 dpi, without ink or wrinkle traces.

The authority confirmed the updating of the criteria for including personal photos in the electronic application stages for residence permits and identity cards, in line with the international standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

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