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Abu Dhabi Health Department warns against taking these fraudulent medicines
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Since the beginning of this year, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health has monitored 88 adulterated medicinal products and food supplements, which are used for slimming purposes, including sexual stimulants, male tonics, bodybuilding and bodybuilding supplements, and cosmetics.

The department stated that it published a list of adulterated nutritional supplement products, which pose a danger when used by the public, and warned against their use by local and international health institutions, noting that this list includes adulterated or contaminated nutritional supplement products, which are used for the purpose of building muscle and perfection. Body, sexual enhancement, weight loss, cosmetic, or any other miscellaneous health reasons.

The list showed that the number of the warned fraudulent products amounted to 2,265 products, and they were included in five classifications, including fraudulent bodybuilding products, fraudulent cosmetics, and fraudulent sexual tonics, in addition to prohibited active substances.

The department explained that the use of these products may lead to dangerous health effects, as they are manufactured and stored in inappropriate conditions, and do not follow good manufacturing practices, which may lead to contamination of the product with harmful substances such as bacteria, fungi and heavy metals, and some of these products have been proven Fraud with medicinal substances whose presence in the product has not been declared.

She called on members of the public not to buy or consume any product included in this list, and to take advice from the attending physician or health care professional before using any medical product or nutritional supplement, in order to discuss the potential benefits and risks, especially if the person suffers from any health problems, such as high blood pressure. Blood pressure, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, heart disease.

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