Abu Dhabi: Pleasant decisions for those coming through Abu Dhabi Airport and exemption from these procedures

The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi confirmed that the capital welcomes visitors from all over the world while easing travel procedures to the emirate, in line with positive indicators that it has entered the recovery phase from the Covid-19 pandemic, and in support of national efforts to achieve sustainable recovery and the return of life to normal.

It was decided to cancel the green list system, exempt vaccinated travelers from conducting a nasal swab examination (PCR) before traveling to the emirate, and only present an approved Covid-19 vaccination certificate containing a QR reader. Unvaccinated travelers must present a negative nasal swab test (PCR) result no more than 48 hours before the date of departure for Abu Dhabi, or a Covid-19 recovery certificate within 30 days of the date of travel containing a QR reader, while children are exempted. Those under 12 years of age are examined.

Performing a nasal swab examination (PCR) upon arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport is no longer mandatory for travelers, regardless of their vaccination status, but it is preferable to conduct the examination at the airport for 40 dirhams, to activate the green traffic system on the Al Hosn application, which facilitates their entry to closed tourist attractions. In the emirate such as shopping malls, hotels, theme parks and restaurants. In order to maintain the state of green traffic on the Al-Hosn application, vaccinators who receive full doses of the vaccine must perform a nasal swab examination (PCR) every 14 days, while those who are officially exempt from vaccination must perform the examination every seven days, provided that the tests are conducted in the UAE . Children under the age of 16 are automatically granted Green Pass status. It is not required for vaccinated visitors to receive a booster dose (third).

When attending events, exhibitions, activities, and cultural, social and artistic events, the condition of green traffic on the Al-Hosn application or a negative result of the nasal swab examination (PCR) no more than 96 hours ago must be presented. The vaccinated tourists can also enter public places by showing their status of receiving the full vaccination doses (two doses) through the official vaccination certificates issued by the countries of residence or the mobile phone application, in addition to a negative result of the nasal swab examination (PCR) no more than 14 days ago, Provided that the examination was conducted in the UAE.

It was also decided to cancel the quarantine of contacts with a commitment to conduct a daily nasal swab examination (PCR) for a period of 5 days. Wearing masks has become optional in outdoor open spaces, and mandatory in indoor spaces, with no adherence to social distancing.