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Abu Dhabi Police educate drivers about the importance of adhering to traffic laws
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The Abu Dhabi Police General Command participates in the commemoration of the International Day for Road Traffic Victims on November 21 of each year

The General Command of Abu Dhabi Police participates in the commemoration of the International Day of Road Accident Victims on November 21 of each year in solidarity with the traffic accident victims, shedding more light on the seriousness of traffic accidents and emphasizing the intensification of prevention efforts to reduce tragedies on the roads.

She stressed the importance of concerted efforts of all government and private agencies to work together on an ongoing basis in order to secure the safety of road users in a manner that guarantees their right to life and secures their safety, and pointed to its continuous interest in developing the traffic safety system in coordination with partners to reach the best response rates and provide logistical support for the injured

It called on drivers and road users to cooperate in the implementation of traffic law and regulations and regulations to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents and their effects, such as respecting the prescribed speed and avoiding preoccupation with other than the road "using a mobile phone while driving" and leaving an adequate safety distance between vehicles, and enhancing safety for drivers and road users.

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