An important warning to all citizens and residents of the country

On Wednesday, the UAE authorities issued a warning of the occurrence of dust storms, and urged the residents to remain vigilant, as the Gulf state is exposed to a storm similar to the rest of the countries in the region, which has caused closures and hospitalizations for people.

The police of the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, called on drivers to be careful due to the low horizontal visibility during the formation of dust and dust, and not to be busy with the phone and photographing, for your safety and the safety of road users, according to AFP. And the National Center of Meteorology in the Emirates issued a warning, on Wednesday, calling on people to “pay attention.” For his part, a spokesman for Dubai Airports confirmed that air traffic was not affected. The dust storms that have been going on for days have disrupted flights, closed schools, and entered thousands of people into hospitals in different parts of the Middle East, a phenomenon that is likely to get worse in the coming years.

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