An important warning to citizens and foreign residents of the country until Saturday

A warning has been issued to all citizens and residents of the country from today until next Saturday.

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The National Center of Meteorology confirmed that the region is affected, today by the extension of an air current from the west in the upper atmosphere layers, accompanied by the flow of different amounts of clouds in the form of waves, with a low-surface air extension from the southwest.

The center pointed out that the weather is partly cloudy to cloudy at intervals, accompanied by rain on the islands and some coastal and northern areas, extending over some eastern regions.

The center expected that next Friday and Saturday will witness the deepening of the air depression in the upper layers of the air, accompanied by a cold air mass, where the quantities of clouds continue to increase on different areas of the country, interspersed with clouds, accompanied by heavy rains, with lightning and thunder sometimes, especially on the coasts and the northern and eastern regions, with a decrease in temperatures.

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