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An unemployed man deceives a student in Dubai and threatens him with obscene videos and photos
Dubai Court

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an unemployed (Gulf Arab) to one year in prison on charges of threatening a seventeen-year-old student by publishing offensive videos and pictures of him, which he managed to obtain about four years ago by deceiving the child and luring him into filming himself, according to the victim’s testimony in the Public Prosecution’s investigations.

In the ruling’s merits, the court stated that the incident, as established in its certainty, is that the accused took advantage of old videos and photos of the victim in his possession, naked, and threatened him through a social media program to publish these materials and send them to other people if he did not photograph himself again and send him the video and photos, What terrified the child and subjected him to enormous psychological pressure, and he resorted to his older brother to help him get rid of the accused's threats, so the brother informed the police who arrested the accused and confiscated his phone.

The victim said in the police report and investigations of the Public Prosecution, that the accused was in prison and as soon as he got out, he communicated with him through a chatting application and asked him to photograph himself naked and send the video and pictures, but the victim refused to do so, which prompted the accused to threaten him to send his old photos and videos to his friends and acquaintances. The victim explained that the accused managed to deceive him when he was 13 years old, taking advantage of his young age, and persuaded him to photograph himself and send him pictures, and used these pictures to blackmail and threaten him, pointing out that he felt afraid and decided to resort to his brother to help him.

Meanwhile, the victim's brother stated that the accused was trying to sexually exploit his younger brother and indecently indebted him, noting that the accused had a history of these crimes, and he was worrying everyone. Public Prosecution investigations revealed images of text conversations between the accused and the victim that included threatening phrases to expose the child if he did not photograph himself and send the content to him. The court confirmed that it was satisfied with the evidence in the incident, refusing to argue that the arrest and search procedures were invalid, noting that it had agreed with the correctness of the law, and decided to convict the accused and imprison him for a year.

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