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Bahrain: Education adopts a new system for promoting teachers
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Dr. Muhammad Mubarak bin Ahmed, Director General of Schools Affairs, issued the "Developed Standards for the Mechanism for Promotion of Teachers and Those in Their Equivalents".

According to a circular, the Human Resources Department is responsible for calculating the hours of professions for promotion to the cadre of educational jobs, which are the hours of training programs that occupants of teaching jobs (teachers and educational support jobs classified on the educational grade scale) must complete in order to obtain the due fifth and sixth educational grades. And the seventh degree of education for the first teachers.

According to the circular, the teacher (and the like) is transferred from the third educational degree to the fourth educational degree after two years have passed since his appointment to the third educational degree, without requiring him to obtain an educational qualification or professional training hours.

The circular indicated that the teacher (and the like) must have a diploma in education or its equivalent, or a bachelor’s qualification in education, in addition to having obtained (240) professional training hours, to be promoted from the fourth educational degree to the fifth educational degree. And (240) other professional training hours, for promotion from the fifth educational degree to the sixth educational degree, after two years have passed from the date the teacher received the last promotion.

According to the circular, the education sector approves professional training plans, provided that the training hours are distributed into three areas (specialist, educational, and supportive), and when applying this article, the approved programs available at the ministry are taken into account.

And it stipulated that “the training hours obtained by the teacher may be calculated using the Elearning system, provided that the training programs are approved by the Ministry. The teacher (and the like) is entitled to the promotion if he passes (120) hours of professional training, provided that the job performance evaluation is not less than (exceeding expectations) for the last academic year, and the director of the school in which he works submits official approved reports confirming his excellence and the high level of educational attainment among Students, provided that the nomination form is approved by the head of schools, the director of the competent educational operations department and the assistant undersecretary for education, and the student is transferred to the Human Resources Department to verify the integrity and validity of the attached reports, and then submit it to the exhibition to the Director General of Schools Affairs for final approval, in preparation for disbursing the due promotion in The scope of the budget specified for it.

It is scheduled that these standards will be effective as of January 1, 2022.