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Conditions allowing visitors to the UAE to drive a vehicle
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The Ministry of Interior has set three conditions to allow non-residents to drive light vehicles and bicycles during their stay in the country

The Ministry of Interior has specified three conditions, namely that the presence in the country is for a purpose other than the purpose of residence, and that the visitor holds a valid international driving license, or that he is a holder of driving licenses issued by the countries excluded by a decision of the Minister of Interior.

The Federal Traffic and Traffic Law stipulated a fine of 400 dirhams in the case of driving a vehicle with a driver’s license issued by a foreign country in other than the authorized cases.
The law also stipulated a fine of 500 dirhams and a vehicle impoundment for 7 days in the case of driving a vehicle with an expired driving license and driving a vehicle with an expired license.

The Ministry of Interior provides several traffic services through its smart application and website, including the service of replacing a driver's license for a vehicle issued by another country, a service whereby the driving licenses of other countries are exchanged for the UAE driving licence.

The replacement process requires the availability of the Emirates ID, a legal translation of the foreign license, the original foreign license, a personal photo, and an eye test (Dubai).

The police forces in the country have implemented several campaigns to provide awareness and advice to tourists
In a manner that promotes safe tourism and avoids negative behaviors, and clarifies some of the prohibitions that result in legal accountability, to achieve safety means and enhance tourism movement, in a way that reflects the civilized image of the UAE in dealing with its guests.

Among the most important of these instructions directed to the category of tourists is compliance with traffic laws, not driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol, prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages in non-licensed places, possession and abuse of narcotics and psychotropic substances, sexual exploitation, beggary and vagrancy, as these are acts punishable by law

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