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Conditions for obtaining UAE citizenship
Conditions for obtaining UAE citizenship

The UAE Cabinet has approved the amendment of some provisions related to the executive regulations of the Federal Law in the matter of nationality and passports, allowing the granting of Emirati citizenship to investors, professionals, talents and their families, based on a number of controls and conditions.

The amendments to the law and its provisions aim at appreciating the competencies in the UAE, attracting and empowering those with achievements and minds within the UAE’s social fabric, and enhancing community cohesion and coexistence in a way that consolidates the development process in the UAE and enhances its presence in all fields.

The amendments in the regulation set a number of conditions and controls for granting each category of citizenship. In the category of investor, it is required to own a real estate in the UAE. To grant citizenship to doctors and specialists, a number of conditions are required, including being a specialist in a unique scientific field or scientific fields that are required and important to the state. And to have contributions in conducting studies and research of scientific value in his field of specialization, and his practical experience is not less than ten years, in addition to obtaining membership in a reputable organization in his field of specialization.

In the category of scientists, to obtain citizenship, a number of conditions are required, including being an active researcher in his field of expertise in a university, a research center or in the private sector, and that his practical experience is not less than 10 years in the same field, and that he has contributions in the scientific field Such as winning a prestigious scientific award, or securing large funding for his research during the previous 10 years, and obtaining a letter of recommendation from recognized scientific institutions in the UAE.

In the category of talents, in order to obtain citizenship, inventors must obtain one or more patents approved by the Ministry of Economy or any recognized international authority that represents an added value to the country’s economy, and a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Economy. In the category of intellectuals, artists, and talented people, it is required that he be one of the pioneers in Priority areas for the UAE, such as culture, art and talent, and to have one or more international awards in his field of specialization and a letter of recommendation from government agencies specialized in these areas in the Emirates.

Nationality controls and benefits

The amendments in accordance with the regulations specify that the naturalized person must adhere to a number of controls before receiving the nationality, including an oath of allegiance to the UAE, a pledge to abide by the laws in force in the country, and informing the competent department in the event that he acquires another nationality or loses any nationality he holds.

The decision also specified a number of advantages that are acquired with citizenship, including establishing and owning companies and commercial establishments, buying and owning land, housing and real estate in accordance with the laws in force, and any other benefits granted to him by the federal authorities after approval of the Council of Ministers or from local authorities in the emirates of the state, as stipulated in the resolution. On the permissibility of withdrawing the nationality when the person who acquired it loses one or more of the conditions for granting the nationality or breaches his obligation.

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