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Countries whose driving licenses are recognized in Dubai
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Dubai Roads and Transport Authority confirmed to "Emirates Today" that the number of countries whose driving licenses are recognized in Dubai is 43 countries located in various continents of the world.

Replacement requests can be submitted through the authority’s customer happiness centers located in Umm Ramool, Al Twar, Deira, Al Barsha, Al Manara and Al Kifaf, in addition to the vehicle registration center in Hatta.

The list of countries whose driving licenses are recognized in Dubai includes the United States of America and Canada in addition to Australia, as well as 5 Gulf countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

The list of recognized European countries with driving licenses includes Lithuania, Iceland, Romania, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Estonia, Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, Cyprus, Italy, Sweden, Britain, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Switzerland, Belgium, and Norway, in addition to Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, Ireland, Montenegro, Albania, Spain, Denmark, Malta, Finland, Turkey, Serbia, Ukraine and Luxembourg.

From the African continent, a driver's license issued by South Africa is recognized in the Emirate of Dubai, while the list of East Asian countries includes Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China, New Zealand and Singapore.

According to the authority, citizens and residents of Dubai residency holders who hold a driver's license from those countries can exchange their licenses by following simple and quick procedures that guarantee the issuance of a licence.

A number of required documents must be submitted, including the original driver's license for the excluded countries and a copy of it, along with a legal translation of the license if it was issued in a language other than Arabic or English, in addition to the original valid Emirates ID and the result of an electronic eye examination.

The terms and conditions governing the replacement of a driver's license issued by countries whose licenses are recognized include the presence of the customer in person at the customer happiness centers or his legal representative to the centers.

The conditions stipulate that the driver's license cannot be exchanged for holders of dual passports if they are from countries that are not authorized to exchange and the residence is proven in the passport issued by one of those countries.

The provisions also indicate that when replacing a driver's license issued by the GCC countries for the nationalities of the Cooperation Council, the license to be replaced must be valid, and accordingly the original license will be withdrawn.

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