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Dubai: Learn about the comprehensive pardon, amnesty for punishment, and judicial pardon
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed

A comprehensive amnesty for a crime or crimes issued by law and which results in the expiration of the criminal case or the erasure of the conviction judgment issued in it and the consideration of these crimes or that crime as if they were not, and the lapse of all primary and secondary penalties and criminal measures and has no effect on the previously implemented penalties and criminal measures.

If a law was issued for a comprehensive amnesty for part of the penalties imposed, it shall be considered as a special amnesty and its provisions shall apply to it.

"A special amnesty is issued by decree that includes dropping all or some of the sentence imposed by a federal judicial authority, or replacing it with a lighter penalty than that prescribed by law. A special amnesty does not entail the lapse of subsidiary penalties, other criminal effects, nor criminal measures unless the decree provides otherwise. A special pardon shall not affect the penalties previously implemented. The forfeiture of the penalty or the criminal measure with a special amnesty is considered to be in its execution.

In addition to the cases for which a special provision is provided, the judge may pardon the offender in misdemeanours, in any of the following cases: A - If the offender has not completed twenty-one years at the time of the commission of the offense and has not been previously convicted of another crime. - If the misdemeanor is a crime of insult or battery and the assault is reciprocal, and the assault was simple and the victim waived his personal right.The judge, in the case of amnesty, shall direct to the offender what he deems appropriate of advice and guidance and warn him that he will not benefit in the future from a new pardon. "

An amnesty of any kind does not prejudice the rights of the litigants or others.

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