Dubai Police 8 people died and 21 were injured due to this violation

The Director of the General Department of Traffic in Dubai Police, Brigadier Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, said that it has been noticed recently that vehicles and trucks have been damaged and parked in the middle of the road, which makes them a cause of collision accidents, which led to the death of eight people during the past year and the injury of 21 with varying injuries, while the department recorded 11,565 violations of drivers who parked their cars without justification in the middle of the road.

He explained that this serious violation usually causes severe damage that results in loss of life and property, stressing the necessity of periodic inspection procedures for the vehicle in order to avoid committing this fatal mistake.

In detail, Al Mazrouei stressed the importance of following the correct steps if the driver is exposed to such a situation, starting with using side alerts, and moving the vehicle away from the road if it is possible to move it, taking into account taking care and caution against vehicles coming from behind to avoid collision or confusing its drivers.
He pointed out that if the vehicle was involved in an accident, and the driver was unable to move it off the road, he must use the warning signals, and put the warning triangle behind it with a sufficient distance to alert the drivers coming from behind, and leave the vehicle completely and head off the road, then call the police.

The statistics of the General Traffic Department revealed the occurrence of (11) traffic accidents during the past year, due to the violation of parking in the middle of the road, which resulted in the death of (8) people and the injury of (21) with varying injuries, and the damage of (24) vehicles, while (11,000) were liberated. (565) violation in the same year.

Al Mazrouei pointed out that a fine for parking in the middle of the road without justification amounts to a fine of (1,000) dirhams and (6) traffic points to be added to the driver's record.