Dubai roads

A state of controversy and a great difference in opinions arose due to a complaint published by Emirati newspapers quoting drivers who reported that they were facing bullying from some of their counterparts.

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Behaviors of bully drivers on the roads of Dubai

The complainant drivers explained that other "nuisance" drivers cling aggressively to their vehicles and deliberately harass them if they do not give way quickly.

The reasons for the occurrence of aggressive drivers towards others

On the other hand, the largest group of participating drivers explained through the Emirati newspaper's account on the social networking site "Instagram" that the cause of the crisis is the drivers who used to drive their cars slowly.

While other drivers explained that the reason is the behavior of "aggressive drivers", as they consider fast lanes their monopoly, so they deliberately cling to other cars from behind, causing panic and intimidation of committed drivers, in order to force them to give way quickly, and this behavior causes a state of confusion. Which result in more serious consequences, which may lead to accidents.

Abu Dhabi Police warning drivers on Dubai roads

First: Dubai Police stressed the need to leave a sufficient distance between cars on the road, and failure to adhere to this constitutes a serious violation, which was the cause of 350 traffic accidents during the first half of this year.

Secondly, Dubai Police reported that driving slowly on highways is a weakness in the traffic culture of some drivers, and may cause some problems on the road.

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