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Dubai Roads puts a special number in an auction
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The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai launches 100 two-, three-, four- and five-digit number plates for distinctive vehicle categories (K-L-M-N-O-P-Q-R-T-U-V-W-X-Z),

According to the source, the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai is offering 100 binary, triple, quadruple and five-digit license plates for distinctive vehicles of the categories (KLMNOPQRTUVWXZ), indicating that the most prominent numbers offered in the public auction are two super numbers (Q22) and (Z31), in addition to one number for classic cars, And another for motorcycles. Auction No. 108 will be held on Saturday, December 18 at the Hilton Al Habtoor City at 4:30 pm, and registration for the auction begins next Sunday.

She added that those wishing to participate in the auction can register through the authority's website (, the (Dubai Drive) application, or the customer happiness centers in Umm Ramool, Deira and Al Barsha, noting that seats are limited, and priority will be given to participants in the auction. It is preferable to pre-register for the auction, bearing in mind that registration will be available in the auction hall starting at two o'clock in the afternoon.

She explained that the sale of numbers will be subject to the application of a value-added tax of 5%, and the process of participating in the auction requires that the customer have a traffic file in the Emirate of Dubai, and deposit a security check addressed to the authority in the amount of 25,000 dirhams, in addition to 120 dirhams non-refundable subscription fees, in the centers To make the above-mentioned customers happy. Payment can also be made by credit card via the website or through the Dubai Drive application.

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