Emirates Digital Government: How to register the birth of your child if you are outside the country?

The Emirates Digital Government has confirmed that citizen parents must obtain a birth certificate for the newborn and submit it to the nearest Emirati embassy abroad.

She indicated that newborns need to present a birth certificate from the country of birth, before obtaining a birth certificate from the UAE. Parents must apply for a birth certificate within 30 days of the child's birth. The UAE embassy or consulate abroad will arrange the issuance of passports and return documents, and after the child's arrival in the UAE, his name can be added to the family book.

As for residents, the UAE government confirmed that residents must obtain a birth certificate for the child, and obtain a new passport from the competent authorities or the embassy of their country abroad. Then, the parents apply to the UAE embassy in the concerned country, to obtain an entry visa for the newborn inside the country.

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