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Emirates Education amends the third and fourth grade exams mechanism
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The Emirates Foundation for School Education has made several amendments to the mechanism of the end of the first semester exam for the third and fourth grades

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has made several amendments to the mechanism of the end-of-term exam for the third and fourth grades, stressing the need for students in grades one to four in government schools nationwide to attend the daily class schedule throughout the exam days, and during the period from the fifth to the ninth of the month. next December.

The first semester exams for students from the first to the twelfth start on November 18 and extend to November 29 for the theoretical “A” category subjects, while students are currently taking the practical “B” category exams, which started from the seventh of November and will continue to the 17th of November.

The institution divided the amendments to the examination mechanism into two groups, one of which is for third grade students, the first is that there are no final exams in the first semester in the two groups of subjects “A” and “B”, for these students, and the second is evaluating students’ performance on the formative evaluation carried out by the teacher. And according to the central directives contained in the assessment guides, which are available on the “LMS” education platform, the degree of formative assessment prepared by the teacher is monitored in the final assessment box in the Al Manhal system of 100 degrees.

As for the set of modifications for the fourth grade, the test is prepared centrally, distributed to schools on paper, a form for answering questions is sent through the Al-Manhal system, and the end-of-semester test score is manually monitored in the grade book by the teacher in the final evaluation box in the Al-Manhal system of 100 degrees, and finally The student completes the daily class schedule after completing the exam period daily.

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