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Emirati companies tend to increase the number of employees and raise salaries
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The survey, which was revealed by the subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan, a company specialized in providing professional services, indicated that employment initiatives are on the rise as a result of the promising economic recovery in the UAE, as companies reported their intention to hire new cadres in different positions, more than they did. He was hired last year.

According to the survey, which included 599 companies in the UAE, the economic recovery contributed to changing the mentality of hiring and supporting talent, especially with the availability of more options for employees, which prompted employers to rethink the capabilities and capabilities of employees and their compensation strategies and ways to preserve them to mitigate competition. On talents and competencies, especially in high-demand groups of competencies, which in turn doubled during the post-Corona epidemic.

The Mercer survey indicated that companies are increasingly focusing on developing long-term incentive plans, especially for executives with high expertise in specialized fields.

"There are many clear economic growth indicators that are reflected in the increasing employment we are witnessing this year and positive forecasts for the next year," said Andrew Zain, consultant and careers officer at Mercer in the Middle East and North Africa. The growth of its business in the future, but the talent and competencies sector is still in the development stage, which causes quite a lot of competition.

He added that to attract and retain outstanding talent, employers and companies must keep pace with the growth rates of salaries and benefits at the market level, pointing out that there is great optimism in view of 2022, as many companies in the UAE expect an increase in wages in order to attract and maintain the best talent and specializations, especially in competitive fields of work.

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