“Identity and Nationality” provides 20 proactive services to the customer before requesting them

The Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security stated that it provides 20 proactive services to customers automatically, before they apply for them, as they are notified of the imminent expiration of their official papers and documents, before a sufficient time, and their completion only needs to review the data recorded in the applications, and pay the fees and termination of transactions.

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The proactive services include, registering newborns, issuing an identity card, renewing the identity card, whether for a citizen, Gulf citizen, resident, or companies, updating data (general, citizen, residence), modifying entry permit data (residence data), canceling entry permit, issuing residence permit Issuing a facility card, renewing a facility card, canceling a facility card, issuing a delegate card, renewing a delegate card, canceling a representative card, issuing a new family book, modifying the family book data, replacing the passport, renewing the passport, refunding fees, extending the visit visa, and adjust the situation.

The authority confirmed that the principle of proactive services has been introduced, whereby the system automatically creates a request for the appropriate service that the customer needs according to his data and status, and then notifies the customer of the created request, for the customer to approve without the need to re-enter any data or attachments, and the process of paying fees the demand.

The proactive package of services aims to provide a smooth, fast and integrated customer experience through services that are provided without request and in a few minutes.

The authority provides its services through its website and smart application, and you can apply for it easily, including the identity card renewal service, through five steps: registration and account creation (digital identity), or access to electronic services in case of pre-registration, choosing the identity card renewal service, Submit the application, review and update the data, pay the fees, receive a message of completion and success of the process, and receive the card through the delivery company.

The authority called on customers to ensure the accuracy of the data in the renewal or replacement request, and to ensure the accuracy and validity of the data entered in the electronic form before paying the fees to avoid delays in completing the transaction.

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