Important for passengers traveling through Dubai airports

The Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai, Lieutenant-General Mohammed Al-Marri, confirmed that Dubai airports operate according to an integrated system, which is the best in the world, noting that more than 90% of travelers' procedures are completed before they reach the "passport counter", to facilitate their experience, including It is commensurate with the civilized renaissance witnessed by the country.

During the World Airport Leaders Forum 2022, Al-Marri said that the smart gates at Dubai airports, from 2019 until the end of last March, were used by more than 100 million passengers, which confirms the success of this initiative based on harnessing modern technologies in gaining satisfaction and acceptance. travelers.

He pointed out that the department has established 122 smart gates across Dubai airports, which serve as passport officials, as they do not require the majority of travelers to pass through the passport officer.

On the other hand, the Federal Youth Authority reported that Dubai International Airport, which is the busiest in passenger traffic in the world, will witness the designation of an “entire neighborhood” for youth entrepreneurs, citizens, to be an honorable interface for world tourists and state visitors.

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