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India allows airlines to operate at pre-pandemic capacity
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India intends to allow airlines to operate at 100% capacity before the coronavirus pandemic, India's Ministry of Civil Aviation has said

“Bloomberg” news agency reported that the ministry announced in a decision published by the General Administration of Civil Aviation, which is concerned with regulating the aviation sector, that this step came after reviewing the current status of local operations and at the request of passengers.

And Indian airlines and airports still need to ensure adherence to the guidelines related to combating the Corona epidemic, and to impose appropriate behavior to prevent the virus.

Last Thursday, the Indian Ministry of the Interior announced the start of issuing entry visas to foreign tourists, starting from October 15, but with some caveats.

It stated that tourist visas will be issued first to those coming to India on chartered flights. This will be extended from 15 November to include travelers to India on other flights as well

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