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"National Meteorology": cold weather, clouds, dust and rain
Emirates rain

The country is affected by a shallow air depression from the southwest, accompanied by humid easterly winds, with an upper air current and a cold air mass, and the flow of clouds from the Red Sea towards the country, at intervals interspersed with some rainy cumulus clouds.

According to the National Center of Meteorology, Saturday's weather will be dusty and partly cloudy, gradually becoming cloudy in the afternoon and evening, especially over some eastern and northern regions, islands and the sea, with a chance of rain.
From Sunday to Wednesday, the weather will be cloudy over separate areas of the country, interspersed with convective clouds, accompanied by rain at intervals accompanied by lightning and thunder at times, especially over the eastern and northern regions, and extending over some western and coastal areas and islands, and the amounts of clouds gradually decrease on Wednesday, with drop in temperature.
The winds are moderate to brisk, and strong at times, especially with cumulus clouds, and they raise dust and dust, leading to a decrease in horizontal visibility. The sea is moderate to turbulent in the Arabian Gulf, and in the Sea of ​​Oman, especially with cumulus clouds.