New guidance from Abu Dhabi Police for all citizens and foreign residents regarding winter leave

Abu Dhabi Police launched a major awareness campaign under the title "Our Winter is Safe and Fun" directed to all parents, citizens and foreign residents in the country, regarding their children during the winter vacation.

Abu Dhabi Police guidelines during the winter vacation

Abu Dhabi Police called on all citizens and residents to abide by the following:
Promote security and positivity in wilderness areas.
Maintaining the safety of the public.
Stay away from "risky" negative behaviors during the winter.

Objectives of the new awareness campaign from Abu Dhabi Police regarding the winter vacation:

Promote preventive awareness for the public
Urging the public to adhere to safety measures during the winter season.

Abu Dhabi Police cooperated in the "Our Winter is Safe and Enjoyable" campaign, which will last for two months, with the Abu Dhabi Civil Defense Authority and strategic partners.

List of behaviors that Abu Dhabi Police warned against during the winter break

Non-compliance with the preventive requirements to protect children from accidents falling from residential buildings.
Not watching children when they approach windows.
Leaving pieces of furniture adjacent to windows that are easy for them to use, which causes tragic accidents.

List of alerts from Abu Dhabi Police during the winter break

The need to double control over children during the winter vacation period.
Don't be preoccupied with children.
Protecting children from the dangers of blackmail and abuse through social networking sites and electronic games.
Protecting them from cases of bullying, threats, and harassment, and enticing them to share their photos and data, and implicate them in immoral activities.
Protecting children from using violent electronic games that incite aggression.
Follow-up and monitor children and interfere in choosing non-harmful electronic games and applications with good content.

Abu Dhabi Police instructions for youth during the winter vacation

Provide safety and protect young people from the dangers of using motorcycles without personal protective equipment.
Do not drive motorbikes recklessly, to avoid traffic accidents.
Adhere to the paths designated for them, in parks, and stay away from areas crowded with vehicles.
Do not walk in the opposite direction.
Wear a helmet and use protective covers for arms and knees.
Equipping the bike with a white headlight and a red rear light.
And a reflective rear panel to warn road users.
Do not carry weights that affect the balance of the bike user.

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