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This is a list of the 6 cheapest and least expensive places to live in the Emirate of Dubai.

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The city of Dubai is considered one of the most important investment areas suitable for the investment environment in the world. Citizens and foreign residents always ask about the best places to live in Dubai, as well as the cheapest places to live in Dubai, as well as the cost of living there.

Al Karama

A Street in Karama Dubai

It contains apartments with an average price of about 71 thousand dirhams.

Al Qusais Al Qusais

Al Qusais is the artery that connects Dubai to the rest of the Emirates, as it is characterized by a network of vital roads, service buildings, and residential areas that vary between housing for workers as well as areas for families, and it is considered one of the cheapest residential areas in the emirate.
Al Baraha

It is a neighborhood located in the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, with a population of 7,823 people, and it contains a number of modestly priced apartments.

Abu Hail Abu Hail Center

These areas provide apartments at a price of 60 thousand dirhams per year.


It is considered one of the cheapest residential areas in Dubai.

Al Nahda

It is a very quiet and unique area that contains apartments at reasonable prices.

Dubai International City

Chinese Dragon Mart Complex - International City Dubai
A cheap residential area compared to other regions, and it contains 9 residential neighborhoods bearing the names of countries, namely China, England, France, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Persia, Russia and Spain, where the architectural design of each was inspired by the culture of the country that bears its name and together represents the residential area in the international city and consists of more than 22 One thousand apartments accommodating more than 70 thousand people.

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