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 Omicron changes travel destinations .. and these countries are the most requested
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A few months after travel and tourism regained a large part of its recovery, travelers' fears began to increase with news of the rapid spread of the new mutated Corona virus "Omicron" and the re-tightening of travel restrictions in some countries.

The head of the Bahrain Travel Agencies Association, Jihad Amin, said that the new mutation caused a new confusion in the travel movement, as travel agencies received a large number of travelers requests to change their travel destinations, or cancel them permanently due to fear of infection with the virus on the one hand, and due to the strict restrictions imposed by some countries, Especially European countries on the other hand.

Amin added that this period is one of the important travel seasons, in which there is a great deal of demand for travel, specifically to European countries, as this period is a period of vacations and a large number of people prefer to travel during it, but many travelers have changed their travel plans by either canceling travel or They changed their destinations due to news of the rapid spread of the new mutant "Omicron".

And he added, "Turkey, London and Paris are the most popular destinations for travelers today, and these three destinations are witnessing great demand despite the tightening of precautionary restrictions in them. As for the high ticket prices, it is due to the increased demand for travel in this period, and not due to the spread of the new mutant. ».

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