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Saudi Arabia A royal decision to give Saudi citizenship to these categories
Saudi Arabia A royal decision to give Saudi citizenship to these categories

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said that approvals were issued to grant Saudi citizenship to a number of distinguished people with rare expertise and specializations.

This comes, in the light of the royal order, to open the door for naturalization of legal, medical, scientific, cultural, sports and technical competencies in a way that contributes to promoting the wheel of development and benefits the country in various fields, in line with Vision 2030 aimed at strengthening the attractive environment through which human competencies can be invested and distinguished. and creators. According to the Saudi newspaper, Sabq, the royal order includes the naturalization of distinguished and creative people: forensic scientists, medical scientists, pharmacies, mathematics, computer, technology, agriculture, nuclear and renewable energy, industry, oil and gas, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, applications, big data, software engineering, robotics, high-performance computers, nano, environment, geology and space sciences. and aviation.

In addition to talented and creative people in the cultural, sports, artistic, and other fields that contribute to supporting and strengthening Saudi competencies, and transferring knowledge, as well as in areas that Saudi Arabia needs due to its geographical nature, such as distinguished scientists in water desalination technology, and achieving goals and aspirations in accelerating the wheel of development For the benefit of the country and citizens, and the common good.

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