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Schools set 7 conditions for performing exams at the end of the first semester
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Students of private schools that apply foreign curricula begin today to present exams for the end of the first semester

Today, students of private schools that apply foreign curricula begin to submit exams for the end of the first semester, which ends next Thursday, Schools have set seven conditions and procedures for exam submission, the most prominent of which is the obligation of “distance” education students to attend schools to take exams in private halls, not to bring mobile phones, devices and smart watches to the exam hall, to attend in school uniform, and not to use white remover on the exam paper.

Officials in private schools, Fahim al-Bahri, Louay Sidqi, Raed al-Awda, and Amer Hamid, said that their schools set seven requirements for exams for the first semester, so that exams can run without any obstacles, as paper submission of exams will be applied and electronic devices are dispensed with, to avoid any disruption in Students' smart devices, disrupting their exams.

They added that all students were obligated to attend examination halls to be submitted directly, including students who were studying “remotely” during the first semester, as halls were allocated to accommodate them in accordance with precautionary measures and preventive measures, and taking into account their health conditions, in the event that they were among students. of persons with disabilities.

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