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The arrest of 5 expatriates in the UAE and referred to the Public Prosecution
The arrest of 5 expatriates in the UAE and referred to the Public Prosecution

Arresting 5 expatriates in the UAE, referring them to the Public Prosecution Office, and demanding the maximum punishment for them.

The Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations at the General Command of Sharjah Police succeeded in arresting a gang of five Arabs, after they arrested a citizen of the country, and stole his car worth 250 thousand through fraud, and in possession of check books belonging to a number of UAE banks and banks. They are used in scams, as well as business seals, personal signatures, and a counterfeit cash detector.

The details of this case are due to the arrival of a report to the Industrial Police Station in Sharjah from a citizen, stating that a person had requested to buy a Land Cruiser model 2020, and after it was agreed to buy it at a value of 250 thousand dirhams, the latter issued a guarantee check of the same value in return for examining the vehicle. He tried it for two hours, until the sale was completed, as agreed, but then he seized the car, turned off his phone, and the reporter realized at the time that he had fallen victim to a fraud.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al-Zoud, Director of Criminal Investigations and Investigations Department in Sharjah, explained: "As soon as the report was received, the necessary measures were taken, as the information collected within a short period showed that the gang, consisting of five members of different Arab nationalities, is taking a position in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. a place for their meetings, move from place to place, and use personal contacts to allocate tasks and roles.

Colonel Omar Abu Al-Zoud confirmed that, after prior coordination with the Ras Al Khaimah Police, and taking all legal measures, the Sharjah Police investigators caught all those involved in the case one by one in tight security ambushes, and the stolen car was seized before it was disposed of.

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