The arrest of the "fraudulent gold" gang in Sharjah

The Criminal Investigation Department of the General Command of Sharjah Police managed to seize a gang consisting of 12 people of Asian nationality

The Criminal Investigation Department of the General Command of Sharjah Police managed to seize a gang consisting of 12 people of Asian nationality, who specialized in selling and distributing fraudulent goldsmiths as original pieces, after observing a unified criminal method based on fraud and fraud on relatively separate dates to remove suspicion from It is an organized process.

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al-Zoud, Director of Criminal Investigations and Investigations Department at Sharjah Police, explained that a number of reports have been received stating that their owners have been subjected to fraud and fraud at the hands of unidentified Asian nationals, as the perpetrators stop the victims from going to the shops in order to buy some household necessities. At first, the offender offered phones for sale to the victims at low prices, and in a evasive manner, the offender offered the victim a sample of the original gold coins with Islamic inscriptions that were not available in the local market, in addition to displaying these pieces at an appropriate financial value to convince the victim to acquire them, and it is an opportunity not to compensate.

Colonel Balzod indicated that in order to complete the scheme in its full form, the offender asks the victim to examine that piece or some of the pieces in his hands, at the gold shops to ensure its authenticity, and thus the offender has implanted confidence in the same victim to complete the deal, and upon completion of the delivery of the quantity in return The amount of money that was agreed upon, the victim discovers that the amount received is fraudulent, and it is nothing but gold-colored ornate metal pieces, and that he has fallen victim to fraud.

The Director of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation stated that it was noticed that the reports were on relatively separate dates, to remove the suspicion that it was an organized process, and that it was not linked, noting that after the criminal method was monitored and the reports were linked to each other, the investigation teams were able to perpetrate the gang formation one by one. After the identities of the 12 perpetrators were identified and arrested, they all confessed to their participation in the fraud, which is based on the distribution of roles, starting with a team that monitors the victims, and others negotiating and completing sales and purchases, and a group communicating with people outside the country to send shipments of parts The metallic painted gold color to deceive the victims, and others to receive it and deliver it to the customer and receive the money, and then the gang members distribute the amounts to each other according to the roles agreed upon in advance, and the case was referred to the Public Prosecution to take legal action against them.