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UAE .. 171 million dirhams spent on marriage grants
UAE dirhams

The Ministry of Community Development stated in its annual report that the total sums of money that were disbursed as marriage grants during the past year amounted to 171 million and 360 thousand dirhams, for 2,448 beneficiaries of marriage grants at the level of the emirates of the state who met the conditions and controls set by the ministry.

The marriage grant is disbursed based on a number of conditions, the most important of which is that the applicant and his wife are citizens of the state, the husband’s age should not be less than 21 years, the wife’s age should be 18 years at the time of the marriage contract, and the person’s net income should not exceed 25 thousand dirhams, in addition to attending courses and awareness lectures that Organized by the Ministry of Community Development, the required documents include a copy of the marriage contract certified by the competent court, the identity card of the spouses, a copy of the husband’s family book, plus the wife, a copy of the family book showing the date of cancellation, and a document proving the applicant’s net monthly income, including a certificate A detailed salary and a statement on the ownership of land, real estate and commercial licenses from the place of their issuance, along with other documents.

The Ministry allows obtaining a marriage grant by applying for the grant through the Ministry's website (WWW.MOCD.GOV.AE).

The Ministry of Community Development is focusing in parallel to provide financial support on the axis of providing the necessary awareness for young people who are about to marry through the “Edaad” program to rehabilitate young people, through courses that provide the affiliates with the knowledge and skills necessary to build stable families from various aspects of life, provided by a group of family specialists, and their attendance is compulsory.

scholarship recipients.

The report revealed the implementation of 10 attendance sessions during the first quarter of last year, 32 preparation sessions that were implemented throughout the year, and 22 live broadcast sessions from the beginning of April until the end of last year, benefiting 6,195 people.

The preparation program includes 5 axes: the first is the importance and strengthening of family construction, the importance of family relations, how to confront family challenges and strengthen financial and family planning, and the axis of consolidating the partnership between spouses in raising children and strengthening citizenship.

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