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UAE: Abu Dhabi Criminal Court issues a death sentence for a resident
UAE: Abu Dhabi Criminal Court issues a death sentence for a resident

The Abu Dhabi Criminal Court issued a ruling convicting an accused of Pakistani nationality of the crime of possessing narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances with the intent of promoting.

The details of the case are due to information received by the Narcotics Control Department in Abu Dhabi, according to which the accused is promoting narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances by communicating with a drug dealer outside the country, who delivers large quantities of psychotropic substances through others residing in the country, who hide them in Different places and then send pictures and coordinates to the merchant, who sends them to others through the “WhatsApp” application, so they go to those sites to sort them, divide them, put them in rolls, then distribute them in the places they see fit and send their coordinates and pictures so that those who want to buy and get them.

The police procedures and the investigations of the Public Prosecution also proved that, as after conducting a search and investigation and verifying the accuracy of the information, the Public Prosecution office in Abu Dhabi was addressed to issue a permit to arrest the accused, search him personally, and search his residence and his car. The accused, who was arrested and searched, found a suspicious crystalline substance with him, which the examination proved to be one of the criminal’s psychotropic substances, in addition to a phone he used to promote narcotics through social media.

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