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UAE: Announcing the maximum number of working hours
Sheikh mohamed bin rashed

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Awar, stated that the Federal Decree-Law on regulating the work relationship obligates the employee or worker to a specific number of working hours.

The decree came with a federal law regulating the work relationship, which obliges the employee or worker to a specified number of working hours, a maximum of 48 hours per week, and not more than 144 hours in three weeks, explaining that the employee or worker who has worked more than 48 hours in a week must Less hours in another week.
He stressed that the decision on weekly holidays, which will be applied in government agencies, calculating two and a half days as a weekly holiday, will not affect the attraction of national cadres to the private sector, as the working hours will be balanced between the two sectors, as the weekly working hours will increase in the government sector, which has become larger than the private sector. In addition, a decree-law on labor relations in the private sector set the minimum one-day weekend in the private sector, and allowed employers to set the date of this holiday according to the nature of their work, and therefore the current trend is to reduce the gap between the two sectors, in light of A new legislative system, updates to legislation, and flexibility in terms of keeping pace with changes, so that we are proactive and strive to strengthen this system.
He explained that the current situation in the private sector gives the worker an hour of rest for prayer and for any other rituals, because the work system has not changed in this part, as the worker has the right to have an hour of rest during the daily working hours.

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