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UAE: Dubai Police brings together a foreign resident, his wife and daughter, after 10 years of separation from them
Major General Ali Ateeq bin Lahej

The Dubai Police General Command, represented by the General Directorate of Airport Security, collected a resident of his family, whom he separated for more than 10 years, by allowing him to enter the “transit” area while his family was traveling from their home country to their other destination, via Dubai International Airport.

Major General Ali Ateeq bin Lahej, Director of the General Department of Airport Security, said that they had received a letter from an Asian resident asking them to allow him to meet with his wife and daughter while they were crossing at Dubai International Airport, stressing that he had not met them for more than 10 years for special circumstances, hoping that the police would enable him. Dubai from their meeting and seeing them after a long separation.
Major General Bin Lahej added: The United Arab Emirates is keen to sustain the humanitarian work that our true religion urged us, affirmed by all the heavenly religions, and the successive generations laid its foundations. Instilled in society with deeds and words together.

He continued: From this point of view, we responded to the resident's request, and arranged for him to meet with his family by facilitating the procedures for his entry into the "transit" area at Dubai International Airport Terminal 2, and reuniting the family, who expressed their great happiness and gratitude for the cooperation and quick response of the Dubai Police, which he summarized The resident with a sentence: "Thank you, Dubai Police, you made me the happiest father in the world."