UAE: Imprisonment and a fine is a penalty for exchanging these topics through “communication” applications.

Legal Adviser, Dr. Youssef Al-Sharif, stressed the importance of individuals taking care and attention when publishing or re-publishing videos and images that they receive through social networking sites and applications, such as “WhatsApp”, as they may fall under legal accountability without realizing.

Especially when these clips contain pornographic materials, or affect public morals, where the penalty is imprisonment and a fine of up to half a million dirhams, according to the Rumors and Cybercrime Law.

Al-Sharif, as part of the episodes broadcast by "Emirates Today" on its platforms, to shed light on the newly issued laws, warned of the danger of exchanging pornographic materials on "WhatsApp" groups, or keeping them on electronic devices such as phones, as it may happen between some friends, as it is considered A crime punishable by law, stressing the importance of raising the awareness of individuals, especially young people, when dealing with the virtual world, as some of them find it easy to send pornographic materials to others, without awareness and awareness of the punishment involved, calling on individuals to maintain public behaviors and morals.

Al-Sharif explained that what is meant by pornography is a type of visual, audio or written image-making that aims to provoke the viewer, listener, reader or insider, adding that what is meant here is to provoke sexually, through depicting an explicit sexual act, an audio clip, a magazine or a book. Currently, their competition also includes blogs through social networking sites and the information network.

Concerning what is meant by public morals, Al-Sharif explained that this term differs in its concept from society to society, and determines its surrounding environmental controls, so we see it different from one country to another, and often countries that have a relationship of religion, you find it closer to unifying the concept of public morals, public morals are morals It is accepted, according to the customs and traditions that exist in each country, and it is involved in many matters of life, and in the daily transactions of individuals, and it is of great importance in shaping the behavior of the individual.

He stressed the importance of defining controls and restrictions that determine public morals, as the freedom of the individual stops and ends whenever it touches the freedom of others, so the legislator always intervenes at this separation limit, and codifies matters, so that relations and interests do not conflict, and greater crimes result.

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