UAE police: minor mistakes cost drivers traffic violations and heavy fines

Abu Dhabi Police reported that some drivers commit behaviors on the public road, expecting them to receive traffic violations and financial fines, including some truck drivers using covers that reach the number plates, or connecting hoses close to the plate site in a way that does not show it well, or failure to maintain the location of the number plates. Periodically, with the length of time the truck is on the road.

Abu Dhabi Police informed "Emirates Today" that it violated 11,489 drivers during the past year, due to hiding the data of the plates of heavy and light vehicles in a way that makes it impossible to monitor plate numbers or distinguish the category and source, calling on drivers not to hide the vehicle data in any way, or attempt to cover Plates when driving without a load, or when loading materials or loading bicycles.
She stated that Article No. (27 b) of the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law stipulates that perpetrators of acts that may lead to “unclear vehicle plate numbers” shall be fined 400 dirhams, stressing keenness to intensify traffic control, and take legal measures by violating any vehicle that does not commit to clarifying. Its plate numbers are in accordance with the Federal Traffic and Traffic Law.

Abu Dhabi Police confirmed that it tightens control over traffic on all roads, explaining that such violations are monitored, followed up and photographed accurately, and the perpetrators are violated and the law is applied against them.
Abu Dhabi Police called on the owners of trailers and semi-trailers, of all types and sizes, to provide safety conditions, such as a red rear lamp and a reflective panel, to alert road users, ensure that they comply with safety requirements, and review the Directorate of Drivers and Vehicles Licensing to conduct the necessary technical examination and licensing. Legally owned number plates, extracting an 'extra number plate', are placed in the back of the trailer.
She stated that the movement of unlicensed trailers or that do not meet the conditions of security and safety on internal and external roads is in violation of the provisions of the Traffic and Traffic Law, in accordance with Article 96, which stipulated a fine of 1,000 dirhams in two cases, the first when towing a vehicle, boat or vehicle without a license, The second is when towing a vehicle, boat or vehicle in a way that does not meet the conditions of security and safety.

And she called for the need to ensure the validity of the trailers to run on the roads with high efficiency, and that there are no problems that cause the trailer to be invalid, or have malfunctions, with consequences that may harm the owners of the drivers.
She pointed to its efforts to intensify oversight through traffic teams and elements, which continue their work in controlling the owners of violating trailers, referring the violating drivers to the judicial authorities, and taking the necessary and legal measures against the perpetrators.
Abu Dhabi Police stated that it had launched an initiative earlier, according to which an additional number plate would be placed on the base of the bicycle holder at the back of vehicles carrying bicycles, with the aim of avoiding blocking the vehicle plate, which is a traffic violation, which entails the imposition of a fine, as part of its efforts To enhance road safety, and to prevent the owners of vehicles carrying bicycles from committing traffic violations.

She stressed that this initiative comes from the keenness and interest of the Abu Dhabi Police to support environmental initiatives and bicycle users, by educating drivers, and sparing them traffic violations.