UAE Providing a residence visa for the wife and children of expatriate workers in these cases

The new provisions of the UAE government allow the resident, whether he is an employee or an employer (investor), and holds a valid residency, to sponsor members of his immediate family, including the wife and male children under the age of 18, and unmarried daughters.

A resident who wishes to transfer the sponsorship of his family and children from the status of a temporary entry permit to a residence visa, must complete the procedures for changing the status within a maximum period of two months from the entry of the wife and children into the UAE.

The new provisions give the resident the provision of a residence visa for his wife and children, according to the duration of the residence visa that he enjoys, and it may be for a period of one or two years for employees, according to their contracts with employers, or for a period of three years for employers and investors, or for a period of five years for property owners who Its value is not less than five million dirhams and entrepreneurs, or 10 years for specialized talents and investors who own investments of 10 million dirhams or more.

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