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UAE: schools change «attendance model» after 14 days of study
UAE: schools change «attendance model» after 14 days of study

Private schools in Abu Dhabi informed parents of students to change the educational model for classroom study (full-time), and to replace it with part-time, two weeks after the start of school.

Private schools announced the update of the special education model for the first semester, due to the desire of many students to return to learning within the school, compared to last year, as schools received requests from about 90% of students’ families that they wanted their children to have a face-to-face learning space.

The schools indicated that adhering to the distancing distance makes the classroom unable to accommodate more than 60% of the number of students, and with the desire of nearly 90% of students to attend and learn directly, the full-time model and daily attendance at school is not possible, and the transition will be made to the working model. Partial so that 50% of students receive their education at school, and 50% of their education remotely from home, and attendance is exchanged between them weekly.

The schools allowed families of students who do not have the part-time option to move to the full distance education model, noting that according to the policy of the Department of Education and Knowledge, changing the educational model provided by the school will not affect the value of tuition fees, as the full tuition fees will be applied to all students. Regardless of which option is chosen.