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UAE: The National Center of Meteorology warns of a first-class hurricane
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The National Center of Meteorology expected Tropical Storm "Shaheen" to deepen into a first-class tropical cyclone, with the tropical situation continuing to move towards the coasts of the Sultanate of Oman, noting that some regions of the country may be affected, especially the eastern and southern regions.

The National Center of Meteorology stated that Tropical Storm “Shaheen” witnessed this evening a deepening of the tropical situation in the northeast of the Arabian Sea opposite the Indian-Pakistani coasts, centered at 23.3 north latitude and 64.4 east longitude, accompanied by various formations of clouds interspersed with cumulus rainy clouds. Of different intensity and strong winds on the Arabian Sea, with a speed around the center from 65 to 115 km/h.

The center said: “The winds are active to strong speeds that raise dust and dust and decrease the horizontal visibility, especially with convective clouds, and the state of the sea in the Sea of ​​Oman becomes turbulent to very turbulent, which leads to the inundation of sea water on the eastern coast in low areas, and the Gulf is also turbulent. Arabic sometimes in the north.

The center stated that the month of October is considered one of the months of the second transitional period between summer and winter, which is usually characterized by sharp and rapid changes in weather conditions, noting that during this month temperatures begin to gradually decrease.

The center stated that the temperatures in October, especially during the second half of it, witness a noticeable decrease compared to the month of September, as the prevailing winds during this month are southeasterly at the end of the night and morning, shifting during the afternoon and evening periods to northwest, due to the effect of the land breeze cycle. Sea.

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