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UAE: The State Public Prosecution clarifies the provisions of peace
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The Public Prosecution of the State, in a tweet published today on its accounts on social media, clarified the provisions of penal reconciliation.

The Public Prosecution indicated that according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Public Prosecution or the competent court, as the case may be, may take penal conciliation procedures in accordance with an agreement between the victim, his special agent, heirs, or their special agent, and the accused to end the dispute in criminal matters amicably, and the conciliation entails the termination of the case. Penal proceedings or stay of execution of the judgment issued in it, as the case may be.

The victim, his private agent, his heirs or their special agent may prove reconciliation with the accused before the Public Prosecution or the court, as the case may be, in misdemeanors and violations stipulated in Articles 330 (first paragraph), 339, 343 (first paragraph), 352, 353, 372. , 373, 374, 378, 379 (first paragraph), 380, 394, 395, 399, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 423 (first paragraph), 424 (first and second paragraphs), 425 (first paragraph ), 426, 428, 431, 433, 434 of the Penal Code, and in other cases stipulated by law.

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