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UAE The trial of a sponsor who caused the death of his driver
UAE The trial of a sponsor who caused the death of his driver

The heirs of a private driver filed a lawsuit before the Civil Court of Al Ain, demanding that the sponsor pay an amount of 400,000 dirhams in compensation for the driver's death, after the sponsor illegally obligated the driver to work in another profession that the driver is not proficient in.

The lawyer of the heirs, explaining his lawsuit, said that the accused sponsor caused his mistake, negligence, lack of caution and violation of the rules, regulations and orders by assigning the driver (the deceased) to work on an egg hatching machine on his farm without taking into account his profession as a private driver, without being bound by security and safety measures, and without complying with maintenance procedures The necessary periodicity of this machine, which led to his exposure to electric shock and death as a result.

The defendant was referred to the Criminal Court, which convicted him of negligence and non-compliance with the laws, and fined him with an obligation to pay 200 thousand dirhams as legal blood money to the heirs of the deceased.

Accordingly, the court ruled to compel the defendant to pay the heirs an amount of 80,000 dirhams, in addition to the blood money amount, bringing the total compensation awarded to the driver’s heirs to 280,000 dirhams.

The heirs went to the civil court, to obtain additional compensation as a result of the defendant’s mistake, which resulted in the damages they incurred due to the loss of their breadwinner and deprivation of what was spent on them by his death, in addition to moral compensation in return for the grief and anguish they suffered due to the death of their legator.

Before the court, the lawyer attended on behalf of the complainants (the heirs), and contact was made with the defendant's attorney.

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