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UAE: Tomorrow, the decision to ban non-vaccinated people from traveling will begin
UAE: Tomorrow, the decision to ban non-vaccinated people from traveling will begin

Tomorrow begins the implementation of the decision to prevent unvaccinated citizens from traveling abroad, in line with the state’s vision in the phase of recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and strengthening national efforts in all sectors, in light of the global epidemiological situation and the current high rate of injuries, and with the aim of preserving the health and safety of UAE citizens .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in coordination with the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, announced a travel ban for all citizens of the United Arab Emirates who are not vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine, as of January 10.

 The ministry also stressed the requirement to obtain the support dose for the vaccinated citizens of the country according to the national protocol for the support doses to allow them to travel.
The categories excluded from this decision were also identified, as it is allowed to travel for unvaccinated citizens of the groups medically excluded from taking the vaccine, in addition to humanitarian and treatment cases.

The importance of following preventive and precautionary measures for all travelers, investigating the epidemiological situation in travel destinations, and communicating with diplomatic missions in the country in case of suspected infection was emphasized. This comes to emphasize the priority of health and safety for the rational leadership and the state's proactive efforts to confront the Covid-19 crisis.

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