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UAE: Tougher penalties to cordon off wrong behavior on social media
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There are many members of society who are unaware that the law punishes the dissemination of certain behaviors on websites, even if they are in good faith.

Lawyer Mohammed Ali Al Hammadi, a member of the Sharjah Consultative Council, confirmed that intensifying legal awareness can curb wrong behavior on social networking sites, because there are many laws enacted to confront perpetrators of legal violations through these media, pointing out that there are many regular limited account holders who commit Some crimes and they publish illegal videos and do not find wide circulation, and therefore everyone must be (police) and report any wrong and criminal behavior and practices through various communication sites, and the reporting should be through the platforms of the police and the various prosecutions.

He explained that there are many members of society who are ignorant that the law punishes the dissemination of some behaviors on websites, even if they are in good faith, and therefore awareness must be intensified for all members of society so that they do not fall under the law if they publish clips that are criminalized by law, and all people must exercise caution. And be careful when posting any clips of videos, but they should go through the platforms of the relevant official authorities, in order to avoid transmitting incorrect news in various groups.

Muhammad Al-Kashf, a member of the Federal National Council from Umm Al Quwain and one of the influencers on social media, said that positive and wrong behaviors through various means exist, but the role is on the one who receives and creates content and transmits those messages, and therefore the role of legal awareness is very important with the aim of promoting culture in general among individuals The whole society, not to rush to broadcast negative messages, to focus on the positive ones, and not to be drawn into emotion in conveying and speeding news.

For her part, Dr. Sherine Moussa, a professor of digital media, confirmed that there are unremitting efforts from the state to cordon off wrong behaviors through various communication sites through the various laws that it has enacted, which leads to reducing those practices that people commit intentionally and unintentionally as a result of lack of awareness, and therefore awareness of both parts is important.

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