Urgent.. Closing a number of main roads in the Emirates during the coming hours to vehicle traffic

In urgent news, a new statement was issued by Ajman Police regarding the closure of a number of main roads during the coming hours in front of vehicle traffic due to the start of the bicycle race.

Bicycle racing in Ajman

Ajman Police issued a new statement hours ago regarding the closure of a number of Ajman roads today, Sunday, December 4, to vehicle traffic, in order to hold a bicycle race.

Closure of some roads due to the Ajman Cycling Tour

Ajman Police announced the closure of a number of roads in the emirate due to the launch of the "Ajman Cycling Tour", from 6:00 am to 11:00 am tomorrow, Sunday.

Roads to be closed in Ajman and alternative roads

In the attached diagram, the police indicated the roads that will be closed during the race period, warning the public to use alternative roads.

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