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Urgent Emirates New mandatory standards in the identity card
Urgent Emirates New mandatory standards in the identity card

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security revealed that the Emirates ID card services will be modified.

The details stated, as the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Ports Security revealed that the Emirates ID services, the standardized form services (residency and identity card), and the issuance and renewal of residency will be modified, with the obligatory conformity of the personal photo that is attached to the applications with the standards approved by the aviation organization The International Civil Service Organization (ICAO), and a personal photo will be attached to all Emirates ID services and for all age groups.

The guideline published by the authority on its website stressed that it is important that the quality of the captured images be clear and of high resolution, so 10 guidelines must be taken into account: the image must be recent and taken within the past six months, and the image width is from 35 to 40 mm, and that the head and top of the shoulder be parallel to the photographic lens so that the lens can capture 70-80% of the image, and that the person maintains a sharp focus and stable expression, and that the image is of high quality resolution (without traces of ink or wrinkles),

That the eyes are level towards the camera lens, that the image reflects skin colors naturally, that the image is of appropriate brightness and contrast without any severe or incomplete contrast to the light, that the image is professionally printed on paper of high quality and accuracy, and that the image that was taken Captured with a high-quality color digital camera, printed on photo-quality paper.

She referred to the criteria for the method of capture and lighting, as she stressed that it is important that the quality of the captured images be clear and of high resolution, so five guiding points must be observed: the image must be of high quality colours, the eyes should be clearly open, not covered by head hair, and The head and top of the shoulder should be parallel to the photographic lens, and the person should not take a tilted position.

The background of the photo must be clear and of a light color with a clear difference between the face and the background of the photo, and the photo is taken with uniform lighting and does not show any shadow or reflection of the light of the photographic flash that has color conversion, which shows the eyes in red. With regard to wearing glasses, she indicated that it is important that the quality of the captured images be clear and of high resolution, so it must be taken into account that the image is of high quality, that the image shows the eyes clearly and that there is no reflection of the imaging flash on the glasses, while avoiding thick frames and colored lenses. With the obligation to wear light-rimmed glasses, the glasses should not hide the features of the eyes.

As for head coverings, it is not allowed except for religious reasons, as the facial features must be shown from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead, and both sides of the face clearly. As for facial expressions, the picture must be for the same person and not for another person while avoiding showing (children’s chairs or toys or any visible persons), and the photograph must be taken with the mouth closed and the head and eyes parallel to the camera. Finally, the authority has started the first phase of issuing the upgraded version of the national identity card, as part of the transition to the new generation of identity cards and passports.

The new identity card has five new advantages, namely reducing costs, and the fact that its owner does not have to carry it or print the documents in it, as he can use the electronic version to complete his transactions with other parties, link it to people’s biometric fingerprints, and be able to read it electronically through the “QR” feature, and facilitate access Safe through security devices, as well as features and security information that is difficult to falsify. The authority pointed out that citizens and residents can access the website, view the existing documents, and then send electronic copies of the identity in terms of the data contained therein, to other concerned authorities, and the "QR code" feature has been added, to read it electronically, and make it valid for the authorities. concerned.

The electronic version can be used via QR Code scanning technology, to enable immediate reading of the card, as it is automatically generated when entering the customer’s document wallet in the smart application. The electronic form of the card is characterized by the data shown on the card, by reading it directly from the database in the authority, and this process enhances the ease of verification by the service authorities of the effectiveness of the issued card in the event that the printed card is not available to the holder.

The project of the new generation of Emirati passports and the national identity card was adopted to be a new design for identity cards, and the use of high security features, operating systems and advanced technologies that reduce security risks, and make it difficult to copy or forge and counterfeit. The new generation also raises the levels of electronic security for these documents due to the smart features in them.

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