Urgent Important warning from the UAE Ministry of Interior

The UAE Ministry of Interior has warned citizens and residents of the country to stop flying operations for owners, practitioners and amateurs of drones, which include users of unmanned aircraft (drones) and light sports aircraft of various shapes and types, including the practice of air and gliding sports at the present time, in coordination with the General Aviation Authority. This is due to the erroneous practices that have been observed in the recent times of not complying with the practice of this sport in the geographical areas that were identified with the permits issued to users, where the areas that are not allowed to practice this sport have been used.

In a statement, the ministry called on members of society to abide by the instructions of the state authorities, represented by the Ministry of Interior and the General Civil Aviation Authority, in order to preserve the safety of lives, property and the atmosphere as a result of the wrong and unsafe use of this hobby, and accordingly, the practice of this hobby will be stopped for a month, starting yesterday, Saturday, January 22, 2022 .

Entities that have work contracts or commercial or advertising projects that rely on filming using drones must communicate with the permit authorities to take the necessary exceptions and permits to carry out their work and projects during this period in order to avoid any consequences that affect the timing of these projects. The Ministry of Interior also confirmed that whoever operates any flight operations or practices any of these activities and does not comply with the instructions issued during the specified period will expose himself to legal accountability.

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