Urgent.. Kuwait enters the last stage of the plan to return to normal life

The Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, announced the return of a cautious normal life in the State of Kuwait, entering the fifth and final phase of the plan to return to normal life, and canceling precautionary decisions to confront the (Covid 19) epidemic for the vaccinated.

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He said in a press conference regarding the latest developments in the government's measures in the face of the (Covid 19) epidemic, "Today we are facing a new responsibility entitled (Kuwait after the pandemic), preparation and preparation for it began months ago, and God willing, we will all rise in Kuwait and achieve the aspirations of the Emir of the country and his crown prince for the elevation of Kuwait and its people.

He stressed that the successes in facing the crisis outweighed the mistakes and reduced the damage. He said: "We and the world were facing an unprecedented test at all levels, in the face of unexpected economic dangers, and challenges of unknown extent, and thankfully, Kuwaitis have proven their ability to face disasters and cross the country to safety."

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