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Urgent.. Recruiting a foreign worker from his family to the UAE does not require a "profession"
Urgent.. Recruiting a foreign worker from his family to the UAE does not require a "profession"

The Emirates Digital Government has confirmed that the profession of an employee or worker is no longer a condition for bringing members of his family to the UAE.

The UAE government has amended its previous provisions that allow workers in specific professions to apply for a residence visa for their family members.

And it indicated, through its official portal, that the “professional condition” has been replaced by income, so that the foreign worker can bring his family members to the UAE, and provide them with a residence visa guarantee, regardless of his profession, as long as he maintains one of the two conditions in the “income standards”, which are a minimum salary of 4000. 1 dirhams per month or a salary of 3000 dirhams, including housing.

She cautioned that if the father is residing in the country and meets the conditions for sponsoring the children, the mother is not allowed to sponsor her children, and accordingly the sponsored people obtain a residence without work, and stamp it with the stamp “Not authorized to work.”

The resident, whether he is an employee or an employer (investor), and holds a valid residence permit, may sponsor members of his immediate family, including the wife and male children under 18 years of age, and unmarried daughters.

She explained that the resident who wishes to transfer the sponsorship of his family and children from the status of a temporary entry permit to a residence visa, must complete the procedures for changing the status within a maximum period of two months from the entry of the wife and children into the UAE.

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